Annea Lounatvuori is a designer who is studying her last year in the Institute of Design and Fine Arts in Lahti, Finland. Different materials and how they can be shaped are a constant inspiration for the designer. Annea moved to Berlin in 2006 with her husband and dog and worked different jobs in the field of fashion, costume design and jewellery design. Annea got her first inspiration for making jewellery when she travelled to the border between Thailand and Myanmar and got an apprenticeship with a local goldsmith. The colourful outfits of the mountain tribes and the elongating golden neck collars worn by local women made an impact on the young designer. P O N Y horse hair jewellery collection was born in 2011 in Berlin. The inspiration came from the main material horse hair, which was something the designer had already tempered with as celloist. What inspired Annea about the material was its genuinity, uniqueness and of course alterability. Dyeing the material became the main idea behind the collection and the concept. Annea made the first pieces of jewellery from horse hair that she got from Kentucky, United States, and now she sources the material from all over the world. “The most beautiful aspect of horsehair is its spirituality, and – just like human hair – it keeps secrets”, the designer says. P O N Y jewellery is at the same time tender and strong, mystic and playful, wistful and joyous. What is most important to the designer is that the jewels reflect a freedom to dream and be one’s self. Annea Lounatvuori has collaborated with Emilia Hernesniemi and Hanna Riiheläinen of R/H label, hair stylist Sumi Moreno and photographers Liisa Valonen, Antti Sepponen, Jasmin Rauha, Akseli Valmunen and Obi Blanche. In the future she is interested in further co-operating with creatives from different fields. A while ago such a collaborative project started with Junction Case, which is a collection of customizable mobile phone cases made from bonded leather. Annea also meddles in other projects and designs concepts and branding for companies like Laurea university for Applied sciences, Design Museum of Helsinki and Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto. She also produced an exhibtion “tour” for modern jewellery, “To The Bone” in Berlin, Helsinki and Lahti. (tothebonejewelry)

P O N Y collection in silver includes unique handmade necklaces and earrings with natural and colored horse hair. The pieces are simple and minimalist and can be customized in various ways. This natural fiber material is endless natural resource and the 925-silver its combined with is 100% recycled. The colored hair is done with professional hair products. The silver capsule is stamped “P O N Y”.

Please contact me if you would like to get your own!

Mood / slide show pictures by Antti Sepponen, Noora Lehtovuori, Jenny Puputti, Jonna Rutanen and Marta Wilkosz

Product / model pictures in Gallery by Jenny Puputti( 1,3,4,8,11,12), Jonna Rutanen (6,7), Liisa Valonen (2) and Noora Lehtovuori (5)