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Annea Mikaela


Annea Mikaela Lounatvuori is a finnish jewellery designer now based in Berlin. Pony Jewelry started in 2011 from her passion for colours and textures - shapes and her love for roughness and grace. Nowadays she determines Pony as a way of thinking and feeling and very alive and a dynamic thing. The main body of her work lies in colouring of the natural fibre - horse hair - but in the course of past years her collection has grown into including also casted silver pieces like the pop corn rings and cool - yet playful - surfaces like radiant light necklaces from plexiglas.

Annea´s passion for jewellery lies in the idea that something tiny can reveal so much about us as well as in the coexistence of elements from mystic and holy to marginal and vain.  

She has also been working in designing and manufacturing DIY concepts for kids and teenagers and her last project in 2017 for MLL - Mannerheim League for Child Welfare  is going to run over two years in schools and covers 15.000 young people.

Her contemporary work is shown yearly during the Munich Jewellery Week where she exhibits with the group Hatara Project which she started 2015 while graduating from Lahti University of Applied Sciences.


Jewellery is a message - most personal kind.